Syrup Cafe Coffee Shop Watsonia

Are you looking for the best coffee shop in Watsonia?

Try Syrup Cafe today

Syrup cafe is a popular local option for all your coffee, bakery and hearty breakfast treats. It has a lovely atmosphere coupled with delicious food and friendly staff – what more could you ask of your local Watsonia cafe?

Diners typically spend up to 1 hour at Syrup Cafe enjoying their favourite snacks or hot drinks.

Don’t just take our word for it – look at these raving customer reviews:

a month ago
Great service, great coffee and great food. Small and quiet with a cool rustic, modern vibe. Will easily come back 🙂
in the last week
Great food. Loved it. Convenient location and great, quick and friendly service. Will be back
3 months ago
There is something about this little café that reminds me of paris for some reason. So homely and delicious food. I keep going back for the amazing vanilla slice and the Reuben Sandwich is a must try! Great coffee too
3 months ago
The best Vegetarian breakfast in Victoria. Generous size, a great variety of different foods on the plate and beautifully presented. I’m sending other cafe owners to Syrup so they can learn how to make a vegetarian brekky.
a month ago
Good food Owsum Ruben Sandwhich
Location of Syrup Cafe Watsonia
4 Morwell Ave, Watsonia VIC 3087
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